Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rebirth. Oneness...

Time slices and dices the universal existence into manageable chunks of experiences so as to grant us perspective, perception and a sense of individual aliveness. It breaks into pieces the whole that overwhelms the dimensions that we accept as our reality - physical, emotional, spiritual, dreams, thoughts. Outside of time, there only exists encounters, without urgency, that are loaded and governed by one quality and one measure: meaning. Energy creates and we live it into its various forms via our thoughts, hopes, perceptions, feelings, actions. Oneness can only be deconstructed by time and fear, time and unawareness, time and ignorance. Where we are right now is no more important a place in the measure of time, than where our human elders and ancestors were at any given moment, we designate as the 'past'. Time keeps us apart. It stores perspective, philosophies, ignorance, knowledge and fears. What we are now is no different from where we have always been as a species. Time deludes us into believing our creative use of energy to make new gadgets of life, is progress and makes us better than we were. What we see of ourselves is not what we are. What drives us is what we are and has never changed from generation to generation. We give and receive energy as every other element of nature and the universe does. This is a law of being alive. We cannot break it, it can only break us into its existence. Oneness is the place and existence where the powerful and necessary facade of uniqueness shares the stage with universalness. I am one as a microcosm of a greater oneness within a microcosm of a greater oneness and so on, to infinity.

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